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Recover your property after loss or theft. Increase the chances of getting back personal property after a natural disaster. Fast and easy way to recover your mobile phone and other personal electronics or anything else.

Basic Registration --
How it works: Purchase a Basic Signup for only $9.95 for your entire lifetime. You are issued a Recovery Number and an Identification Card in PDF format that you can download and print out. You can print as many labels and tags containing UPRN.US and your Recovery Number as you like. Attach them to anything and everything you own. If your item is lost and recovered by an individual or law enforcement, we have a secure process to put you in touch so you can recover your property. Your ID serves as proof of ownership and it can be confirmed by law enforcement online.

Upgrade to an Enhanced Registration --
Purchase an Enhanced Registation for only $19.95 for your entire lifetime. This level includes 2 printed and laminated ID Cards, plus 5 sheets of laser printed labels on weatherproof mylar labels in silver metallic and white, in a selection of sizes. Keep one card on your person and store the other in a save place. Optionally for $2.95, you can upload your photograph that we will print on your card. Other identification products are available below that you can add to your Enhanced or Basic Registration.

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